Watch: Skier Sticks His Hand in a Coyote’s Face, Seems Surprised When It Bites Him

Some human-wildlife interactions are unpredictable. That unpredictability is the best argument for keeping your distance and doing everything in your power to avoid up-close encounters. Then there are the human-wildlife interactions that we see coming from a mile away. The national park “touron” approaching the bison or elk with a selfie stick and getting gored is one example. So is the drunk idiot who slapped a moose on the ass and got stomped. Add to this list the California skier (or snowboarder) in this video, posted to Reddit last week and picked up by Tourons of National Parks on Saturday, who played an especially stupid game and won a prize to match.

The video was reportedly filmed in the parking lot at Mammoth Mountain during what looks like a pretty killer powder day. “Come here. It’s cold, I know, you’re freezing,” says the guy behind the camera, recording as he beckons to the tail-tucked coyote. “You’ve got a lot of fur, though.”

It’s worth pausing here to wonder just what this guy’s plan might have been. Did he want to pet the coyote? Maybe tuck it inside his jacket and bibs to keep it warm? Take a few laps with his new best friend draped over his shoulders?

Whatever the case, the coyote had other plans. Instead of sidling up to the skier, it darts at him and clamps its teeth around his outstretched hand, making eye contact with the camera for a split second as it does so. The guy’s reaction is enough to make the coyote cower again.

“Ow! Motherfucker! Son of a bitch got me!” the guy shouts, somewhat surprised. “Owww. Goddamn coyotes!” 

The video cuts out as he reaches for the door handle on his Ford, hopefully to drive himself to a clinic for a rabies shot. 

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While rare, coyote encounters on ski hills are not unheard of. One woman was hospitalized after a coyote chased her down Schweitzer Mountain in Idaho and left her with several puncture wounds. On the whole, coyotes much prefer to avoid humans if possible. But that becomes harder with each passing year as human development encroaches on habitat. Recent development in the neighboring town of Mammoth Lakes could be a culprit for displaced wildlife, but Mammoth skiers have reportedly been feeding coyotes lately. So this coyote (apparently nicknamed “Hotdog”) is probably used to easy meals from outstretched hands.

Either way, this guy gives a masterclass in how not to interact with critters in the modern era of shrinking habitat and frequent wildlife encounters. And, as is usually the case with social media videos of tourons, folks in the comments agree.

“No,” writes one. “You are not a Disney princess.”    

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