Watch: Front Yard Moose Brawl Ends with Broken Fence, Major Damage

The two bulls lock horns in the yard. via YouTube

One resident of Homer, Alaska, has some serious damage control to do after two battling bull moose wrecked her fence, car, and front yard. The battle royale was caught on video and shared to YouTube by creator Holly Keintz in late October. It ended with a broken-down privacy fence and plenty of other damage to Keintz’ yard and vehicle.

The video begins with Keintz looking out her front window to see the two bulls are already fighting. It’s dark out, and the string lights on her fence give the yard a stadium feel.

“Nooooo! Oh my gosh,” Keintz yells before rattling off a string of four-letter words. “Are you kidding me moose?!”

In the background, Keintz’ young daughter can be heard consoling her mom as one of the bulls smashes through the wooden fence and ends up in the neighbor’s yard.

“I’m sorry mom,” she says innocently. “I know you liked that fence.”

With just one of the moose left in her yard, Keintz tries yelling and hazing it off. The big bull ignores her completely, and then its opponent comes charging back into the yard. The two start sparring again and then work their way onto her porch, where it becomes clear that one of the fighters has a broken antler and a bloody eye.

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Keintz wonders aloud if her insurance policy will cover the damage. She then calls her husband to let him know what’s going on. By this point, the moose are just warming up and they go back to pushing one another across the yard. Her husband, meanwhile, seems more concerned about the video going viral than the damage being done.

“Get better video, because you’re gonna get a million hits,” he advises.

At the end of the video, one of the bulls pushes the other out of the yard and they crash through another panel of the privacy fence. The battle then moves to Keintz’ driveway, where they sling a good bit of blood all over her white car.

A look at the aftermath in the daylight. via YouTube

The following day, Keintz posted a follow-up video on YouTube that shows the aftermath of the brawl in the daylight. The banged-up Lexus has a smashed windshield, and parts of it are covered in mud and moose blood. The front yard is completely wrecked. Multiple fence panels are missing, and the ones that were left standing are off kilter. Some of the wooden steps around the house are also broken, as is the fire pit and some of the outdoor furniture.

Judging from the looks of the damage, it’ll be quite the insurance claim. Luckily Keintz has the video footage as proof. As for the husband’s main concern, their video has not gotten a million hits…yet.  

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