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According to the National Council on Pet Population and Policy, a household pet goes missing every two seconds. That’s 10 million missing pets a year. You’ve invested a lot of money—and even more love—in your dog. Some dogs stay close to home by themselves. Most follow their noses wherever a scent leads them. They’re escape artists and free spirits. You can count on them going where they’re not supposed to.

For dogs that double as a hunting companion, this becomes even more complex. Hunting dogs naturally exhibit a high “prey drive.” Once they lock onto a scent, they’re gone. While this instinct is helpful for a hardworking hunting dog, you’ll want to contain it in your own backyard to prevent your pet from going missing and avoid the danger of nearby roadways.

Clayton Johnson of New York and his English Setter, Dobbin, frequently go hunting together at their local game preserve and their cabin in the Adirondacks. “Being bred like he is, Dobbin has a very good nose and subsequently doesn’t miss much…With hunting dogs, they can just turn off most of their fears when they are tuned into game.” 

To make sure Dobbin didn’t let his nose get the best of him, Johnson used a cable run in his backyard to keep him close to home. While the cable worked, it was limiting. Johnson considered underground fencing to contain Dobbins and let him enjoy more of the yard but didn’t love the idea of digging up his property. Johnson thought that there had to be a wireless option, and eventually discovered SpotOn GPS Fence—a new type of wireless fencing that uses GPS in place of wires or base stations.

Maybe you’re a dog owner who has tried other GPS collars and found them glitchy and unreliable. Maybe you’re new to GPS dog fencing and want to know what the deal is. Either way, you owe it to yourself—and your dog—to check out SpotOn GPS Fence.

Unlike other dog fence solutions, with SpotOn there are no base stations or buried wires. All of the technology is self-contained within the collar and works right out of the box. Here’s how: 

First, create and set up fences on the smartphone app in minutes.

Next, train your dog to understand the 4 system cues: alert and warning tones, vibration, and optional static correction. In a week or two, your dog will learn these signals mean to turn around and stay within the GPS fence.

Last, let your dog run free! Manage it all from your phone.

If you live in a rural area or like to head off-grid for your adventures, SpotOn has got your name on it. It works off GPS alone and no wifi or cellular connection is required. Instead, SpotOn uses GPS technology and connects to a network of 128 satellites across four global satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou) so you can set precise fence boundaries. The collar positions the dedicated GPS antenna on the back of your dog’s neck for optimal connection to satellites, affording superior satellite reception and the most accurate reads. SpotOn’s patented True Location™ technology not only leverages global GPS and best-in-class hardware for its antenna but also mitigates GPS drift and uses predictive technology to pinpoint your dog, giving your fence boundaries unbeatable accuracy.

SpotOn offers upgrades that let you add tracking to monitor your dog’s location in real-time from wherever you are with the touch of a button. Should your dog leave a fenced area, rest assured that SpotOn GPS Fence will never issue a correction to a returning dog. Tracking is always optional and plans start at $5.95 a month.

The app lets you create, save, and edit up to 20 fences—perfect for a hunter with a weekend place. The fact that SpotOn is completely portable appeared to Clayton Johnson, who frequently uses it at home, at his cabin, on the local game preserve, and when he travels to his relatives’ homes for weekend visits.

SpotOn GPS Fence was created by dog people. They know dogs seldom do what they’re “supposed” to do. The system allows you to fence across water and over the most challenging terrain—in other words, where dogs actually go. With SpotOn, you can give your dog the freedom to explore, but also add Keep Out Zones to create off-limits areas within your fences that may be unsafe or inconvenient, like the pool or garden. Johnson shares:

“Now that Dobbin has his boundary, he can freely roam about half of the property and stay safe from dangerous areas…He no longer has access to the poison ivy in the woods, which he would tend to bring home and share inadvertently!”

To help train your dog to the system, SpotOn offers a professionally developed training program that takes just two weeks. Plus, if you run into trouble, all customers are eligible for a free virtual 30-minute session with a certified dog trainer to provide assistance if you run into trouble. SpotOn GPS Fence offers a 90-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty. Live phone support is available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 6 pm and by appointment throughout the weekends. There are no group chats or Zoom meetings and all inquiries are supported by SpotOn representatives at their New Hampshire headquarters.

Sponsored by SpotOn GPS Fence.

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