Prime Day Shooting Hearing Protection Deals


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We found the best Prime Day shooting hearing protection deals of 2023 to keep you and your family safe while at the range. There are bluetooth compatible earbuds and earmuffs that allow you to connect to your phone and listen to music. We also found discounts on electronic shooting hearing protection that amplifies some sounds like range commands while reducing harmful decibels. There are also slimmer profile models for shooting long guns and one specifically designed for smaller heads, women, and children.

Bluetooth Hearing Protection Deals

Howard Leight Impact Sport Bluetooth Earmuff is 46 percent off (adult/OD green)

Howard Leight Genesis Sport Bluetooth Earmuff is 20 percent off

These are designed for youth, women, and adults with smaller heads and quickly connect to your phone’s bluetooth to play music, amplify range commands, and reduce harmful decibels.

Howard Leight Impact Sport Bluetooth 5.0 Electronic Shooting Earbuds are 20 percent off

Peltor Sport RangeGuard TAC 100 Electronic Hearing Protector is 16 percent off

Electronic Hearing Protection Deals

Howard Leight Youth Small Electronic Shooting Earmuff, Pink is 15 percent off

Howard Leight Impact Sport electronic hearing protection is 47 percent off

Walker’s Silencer Wireless Hearing Protection Earbuds are 6 percent off. Read our review of them to learn more.

Earmuff Hearing Protection

Peltor Sport Standard is 48 percent off

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