New Handguns of SHOT Show 2024

The proverbial New Year’s Day of the gun world is marked by the kickoff of SHOT Show. Though we’ve been seeing new products released on a more widespread schedule in recent years, SHOT remains the biggest introduction of new shooting sports products. So, I’ve scoured press releases, twisted arms for the best early details, and put together this list (in order of what I’m most excited about) of some of the most interesting, and anticipated, new handguns from SHOT Show 2024.

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Walther PDP Match Steel Frame 5-Inch

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Steel frame and grip

5-inch match barrel

Aggressive slide serrations

Optic ready 

MSRP: $1,900

On the heels of the success of its PDP duty pistol line, Walther recently released a steel-frame match version with a 5-inch barrel and improved trigger. The new steel frame sports the same excellent ergonomics as other PDP pistols, but with significantly more recoil-mitigating heft. The frame features a rotating takedown lever and five-slot accessory rail. This pistol employs the same hexagonal raised grip texture as other PDP pistols in the form of a wrap-around grip panel. It comes with white three-dot sights with adjustable rear, and is cut for Walther’s optic plates, making it red-dot ready. This pistol ships with three 18-round magazines that feed easily into a sporty magwell. 

Ruger Super Blackhawk .22 Hornet

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Holds 8 rounds of .22 Hornet

Stainless steel

9.5-inch barrel

Adjustable rear sight, fiber-optic front

MSRP: $1,499

The Super Redhawk is one of the most recognizable revolvers on the market, but this new chambering in .22 Hornet makes it one of the coolest new handguns from SHOT Show 2024. It’s got a heavy-duty 9.5-inch barrel, comes in stainless steel, and holds eight rounds. The revolver comes equipped with Hogue grips, an adjustable rear sight, and a hi-vis fiber-optic front sight. At range day, I was easily able to repeatedly hit a half-size IPSC steel plate at 100 yards offhand. The frame is compatible with Ruger scope rings, and this is a revolver that’s ideal for handgun hunting.

Staccato C

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4-inch barrel

Compatible with compact and full-size grips

Wider frame than Staccato CS to add mass


MSRP: Not yet available

Staccato 2011 hit hard last year with its CS compact 2011 pistol, and next in that vein is the Staccato C. With the C, Staccato aims to capture shooters in the market for a modular, all-around 2011 pistol. The frame is compatible with both compact and full-size grip modules and magazines, and the 4-inch barrel is equally concealable and duty-appropriate. The frame is slightly wider than that of the CS and matches the width of the slide. This adds some non-reciprocating mass and should make the pistol even more stable to shoot. The Staccato C is a pistol that you can configure for concealed carry, run competitively in a match, and depend on for duty. For a shooter who wants to own just one Staccato but use it for different applications, the Staccato C is probably the best choice.

Sig Sauer P320 XTen Comp

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Compact-sized 10mm

15-round magazines

3.8-inch barrel with compensator-cut slide

Delta Point Pro optic footprint

MSRP: $950

We’ve seen, and reviewed, Sig’s original P320 XTen, but after getting my hands on an early sample, I think I like this one even better. Essentially, it’s just a more compact version of the standard XTen. It has the same optic readiness, uses the same magazines, and has the same grip size, ergonomics, and operational characteristics. However, a shorter 3.8-inch barrel allows room for a compensator to be built into the slide. Unlike many “comp” version pistols, which simply have holes drilled in the slide, the compensator on this XTen is quite effective, especially with high-pressure 10mm loads with lighter bullets. If you’re a fan of the P320 platform and are looking for a new backcountry carry pistol, you’ll love this.

Springfield Armory 1911 TRP .45 ACP, Coyote Brown

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5-inch stainless-steel barrel

VZ Hydra grips


Coyote Brown coating

MSRP: $1,999

Springfield Armory is always a strong player when it comes to new handguns of SHOT Show, and this year they’re introducing six new models to its 1911 TRP line, including this 5-inch-barreled Coyote Brown model. It’s not a big departure from other 1911 models, but still features a nice Coyote Brown Cerakote coating on its forged carbon steel slide and frame with black ambidextrous safety levers, trigger, grip safety/beavertail, and hammer. This 1911 TRP is not optic-ready, but comes with low-profile iron sights and the top of the slide is serrated to reduce glare. It sports a stainless-steel match-grade barrel and VZ Hydra grips with aggressive scalloping.

Oracle Arms 2311 Compact Pro

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Hammer-fired design that uses Sig-style magazines

Optional ported barrel

Modular magwell

Enhanced trigger

MSRP: Not yet available

Founded in 2023, Oracle Arms turned heads with its radical new pistol: the 2311. In short, it’s a hammer-fired pistol that incorporates some 1911-style features and controls, but in the shape of a more modern, striker-fired pistol — and it uses Sig Sauer double-stack magazines instead of the more expensive 2011 mags. The Compact Pro model is new for 2024, and it features some upgrades such as optional muzzle porting, a modular magwell that can be configured to accept 15-round or 17-round magazines. It also includes an enhanced flat-shoe trigger that will break at 3.5 to 4 pounds. I had a chance to shoot this pistol at range day and the excellent trigger and porting help make it an ultra flat-shooting pistol.

Military Armament Corporation MAC 9 DS

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2011-style frame and grip module

All-black finish and Cerakoted frame

4.25-inch button-rifled barrel

Optic ready, RMR footprint

MSRP: $1,100

Several of the new handguns from SHOT Show 2024 are budget-priced 2011-style pistols. The MAC 9 DS from Military Armament Corporation, imported by SDS imports is a sharp-looking import with an all-black finish and nice grip texture on the polymer grip module. It ships with an OEM Checkmate mag, but is compatible with standard 2011-style magazines and the grip is capped with an aluminum magwell. It’s got a skeletonized flat trigger shoe, skeletonized hammer, ambidextrous safety levers, and some other features that you’ll see on pistols like the benchmark Staccato P. This model has front and rear cocking serrations and a removable rear sight and optic cut cover plate. The MAC 9 DS is compatible with RMR-footprint red dots, and brings a good feature set for the price. I put several magazines through this pistol at range day, and it’s a nice-shooting rig, especially for the price. 

Glock G29 Gen 5

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Compact G29 Frame

No finger grooves

Front cocking serrations

Ambidextrous slide stop levers

Glocks are, well, Glocks, but I’m still excited to see the G29 Gen 5. It’s not all that different from the long-tenured compact 10mm pistol, but it includes key upgrades that are now standard in the full-size G20. The Gen 5 frame is still ultra-short, but the front strap is flat and easier to grip. Other key features that make the pistol more user-friendly are front cocking serrations and ambidextrous slide stop levers. This pistol isn’t initially offered with an MOS optic cut, and includes Glock’s standard sights.

Taurus TH10 10mm

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Double/single-action operation

15-round magazines


Manual safety/decocker

MSRP: $531

Taurus has been producing some great budget pistols in recent years, but they’ve lacked a 10mm offering — until now. The TH10 is designed to be a budget-friendly, effective 10mm pistol for self-defense or backcountry carry. It’s an interesting design that has a manual of arms similar to Taurus’ 9mm Beretta-like pistol, the 917C. The TH10 10mm is a hammer-fired semi-auto that operates in double/single-action mode. The safety doubles as a decocker, and the first shot is fired in double-action mode. Subsequent shots are fired with a lighter, single-action trigger pull. It features a stainless-steel barrel, alloy-steel slide, and polymer frame. With a MSRP under $600, it’s one of the most affordable 10mm pistols out there.

Smith & Wesson SD9 2.0

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Compact, striker-fired

16-round capacity

4-inch stainless barrel

2-slot accessory rail

MSRP: $350

Smith & Wesson rolled out an updated version of its SD9, a budget-priced striker-fired pistol, in December 2023. This is a pretty straightforward polymer-framed pistol with good ergonomics, a 16-round capacity, and some nice white 3-dot iron sights. It has a two-tone finish, and some updates include a flat trigger shoe and more aggressive slide serrations. It’s got a small magazine release that’s nicely protected by a raised portion of the grip, flush-fitting magazines, and a two-slot accessory rail. At a street price of about $300, it’s one of the most affordable quality handguns from SHOT Show 2024.

Hammerli Forge H1 .22 LR

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1911-style with fixed barrel

Semi-auto, single-stack magazines

Threaded for muzzle adapter and suppressor

Full-size 1911 profile and operation

Under ownership of Walther, Hammerli arms is releasing its version of the 1911/22, the Forge H1. Manufactured by Umarex, this pistol is quite similar to 1911/22 models made for Colt in the past. It’s a full-size pistol, with the weight of a real 1911 in .45 ACP. Because of that, recoil impulse is essentially nonexistent. This pistol has a black finish and uses a fixed-barrel design, but has a recoil spring, spring plug, and barrel bushing like an original 1911. The fixed barrel makes it an ideal suppressor host. It comes with drift-adjustable Novak-style sights and comfortable rubberized grip panels. The frame also has a 4-slot accessory rail for a light or laser.

TISAS Night Stalker SF DS9

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2011-style frame and grip module

Threaded muzzle

Optic ready (RMSc footprint)

Compatible with most 2011 magazines

MSRP: $960

Budget 2011-style, double-stack 1911 pistols have been coming out of the woodwork as of late, and this Turkish import aims to provide shooters with a sub-$1,000 model. The TISAS Night Stalker SF borrows a lot of 2011 features, such as the short frame and polymer grip module that includes the trigger guard. It has ambidextrous safety levers, tall sights, and is cut for an RMSc-footprint optic. The muzzle comes threaded for a suppressor, and the frame and slide are finished with a gray Cerakote-type coating. The TISAS Night Stalker SF DS9 compatible with other 2011 magazines and carries the same basic feature set 2011 pistols like the Staccato P have, but I would not expect it to perform the same as a finely-tuned pistol that costs three times as much. If it manages to function reliably and shoot OK, this could be a good entry-level double-stack 1911.

Sig Sauer P322 Comp .22 LR

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Muzzle compensator

Romeo Zero Elite red dot included

20- and 25-round double-stack magazines 

Includes flat and curved trigger shoes

MSRP: $650

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Released in late 2023, Sig has turned its popular P322 into a bona fide race gun. It’s got a black polymer grip module and clear anodized aluminum slide, and is packed with other features. Most notably, this pistol comes with a muzzle compensator installed. Now, .22 pistols don’t recoil much, but this little compensator is sure to flatten out whatever muzzle flip there is, especially with hyper-velocity ammunition. The P322 Comp comes with a fiber-optic front sight and a Romeo Zero Elite red dot on the rear, which has a built in iron rear sight for co-witnessing. The optic footprint is for RMSc optics. The gun comes with one 20- and one 25-round magazine, and both curved and flat trigger shoes so you can pick which you prefer. Also, it has a small Gas-Pedal-style thumb rest to polish off the race gun look.

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