Friday Forum Foraging: 2005 BMW R1200GS

Who doesn’t love a good BMW GS story? This one is especially good. Today’s example is a 2005 R1200GS – ironically, listed at the V-Strom forum – with over 100,000 miles. If the ad (reposted below) is any indication, the bike has 133,600 miles to be exact. The GS has been known to be virtually bulletproof, and this bike is driving home that point.

What’s interesting is it appears as though the seller has only owned the bike for slightly more than a week, has possibly taken parts off of it to use on other bikes, and is turning around and offering it up for sale again. The good news is he/she seems upfront in the listing about what’s good, what’s bad, and his intentions with the bike. The list of maintenance items performed also should go far in easing a potential buyer’s fears about a high-mileage GS.

Really, we just want someone to buy it, put another 100,000 miles on it, and report back about how the bike is doing.

I bought this little beauty last Sunday and have gone through it from front to back and it is completely serviced and detailed and ready to go. This bike has high miles and is why it prices so reasonably. It should have many 10’s of 1000’s of miles left in it with minimal care. The 1/2 mile I rode it around the neighborhood last Sunday was amazing. I felt free as a bird with the wind in my face and sun on my shoulders. on the 1/2 mile adventure of a lifetime.

FWIW I bought it for several reasons

1. I wanted something to work on.
2. I wanted the Ohlins GSA length suspension that was on it for another project.
3. I wanted the GSA fuel tank that was on it for one of my other bikes

The bike needs nothing but a new rider. Full disclosure there are 4 open recalls on this bike.

1. Fuel pump
2. Rear wheel flange
3. ABS sensor
4. Banjo fitting

All that need done is call the local BMW dealership they will schedule the work to be done free of charge no questions asked. You’ll get a new fuel pump ($479 value) steel rear wheel flange (not the original aluminium) and some minor brake parts all free of charge.

I have a clean clear PA title in my name and ready to transfer. Bike is located in Chambersburg PA.

2/6/23 – Oil and filter change. Mobil-1 15W-50 and Hiflo #164 filter 133.600 miles
2/6/23 – Changed transmission oil with 800cc’s of Valvoline 75W-90 Full synthetic gear oil @ 133,600 miles.
2/7/23 – Changed rear drive oil with 180cc’s of Valvoline 75W-90 Full synthetic gear oil @ 133,600 miles.
2/7/23 – Replaced swingarm pivot bearings with Rulman Art 32303 tapered roller bearings @ 133,600 miles.
2/7/23 – Clean and repacked needle bearings on rear drive pivot @ 133,600 miles
2/7/23 – Cleaned and lubed upper and lower driveline splines with Wurth SIG3000 @ 133,600 miles.
2/7/23 – Clean inspected and treated the driveline rubber boots (both were in excellent shape) @ 133,600 miles.
2/7/23 – Cleaned rear brake caliper and slide pin at 133,600 miles.
2/8/23 – Checked and set valves @133,600 miles.
2/8/23 – Replaced all 4 sparkplugs with NGK DCPR8EXC (NGK 7168) @ 133,600 miles.
2/8/23 – Flushed and bled the iABS-III/Servo braking system @ 133,600 miles.
2/12/23 – Cleaned throttle bodies and replaced the throttle cables pulleys with reinforced units. Originals were cracked @ 133,600 miles.
2/12/23 – Installed battery @ 133,600 miles.
2/13/23 – Connected to GS-911 and ran a diagnostics to check for fault codes. None were found. Also calibrated stepper motors, TPS and shifter @ 133,600 miles.

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