Five Great Outdoor Gifts on Amazon Under $60

Ashley Thess

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Not long into gift hunting for someone that hikes, hunts, camps, or goes backpacking, you’ll learn that outdoor gear is expensive. While we don’t shutter at spending an insane amount of money for a product that’s .5 ounce lighter, our loved ones feel differently—rightly so. To help you get a great gift for the outdoors-obsessed person in your life, and not spend a fortune, we chose five items under $60 that will appeal to just about any outdoor enthusiast.

Wise Owl Hammock

Wise Owl


Key Features

Weight: 24 ounces

Weight Capacity: 400 pounds

Includes straps and caribiners

Rain fly available

Best for People Who Enjoy: Hiking, backpacking, and camping

Price: $30

The author and his dog in a Wise Owl hammock.

The year was 2020 and, like most people, I spent a lot of my summer at home. So the $30 Wise Owl Hammock became my outdoor retreat. From taking naps to light reading it was a pleasure to hang out in. Probably the best testament to the hammock is that I’m still using it three years later. While it’s great for the park or backyard, it also easily fits into a day pack for bringing on a day hike. This hammock is a gift any outdoor enthusiast would like and its wow factor far exceeds its price.

GearLight S1000 LED

Laura Lancaster


Key Features

Lumens: 1000

Battery Requirements: 3 AAAs

Weight: 5.6 ounces

Waterproof rating: N/A

Best for People Who Enjoy: Camping and Hiking

Cost: $30

If you’re looking to buy some flashlights in bulk for the whole family, then the GearLight S1000 LED is a great choice. It has plenty of light for walking back from a ranger talk or finding the bathroom in the dead of night, but isn’t so bright that it will wake up everyone in the campground. I also liked that it’s small enough for even young children to hold in their hands and operate but not so small that adults are likely to fumble with it or misplace it in the middle of the night. The simplicity and affordability of this one makes it a win in my books.

Wise Owl Camping Blanket

Wise Owl


Key Features

Materials: Nylon

Size: 78″ x 55″

Weight: 28 ounces

Care: Machine washable

Best for People Who Enjoy: Camping

Price: $60

Do you need a camping blanket to go camping? No. But does it magically enhance long evenings spent around the campfire, keeping your legs and lap toasty warm? Oh yes. In my test of the best camping blankets, I learned that there isn’t a lot separating the brand-name $100 blankets from the more affordable options. If anything, the more affordable options performed just as well if not better. So don’t hesitate: the Wise Owl Camping Blanket, now 25% off for Black Friday, is a great value for your next long weekend in the outdoors.

Wise Owl Camping Pillow

Wise Owl


Key Features

Materials: Polyester

Sizes: 12 x 16 inches or 14 x 18 inches

Weight: 9 ounces or 11 ounces

Care: Machine washable

Best for People Who Enjoy: Camping

Price: $27

If you’ve been watching your partner fold up their jacket into a “pillow” for the last few summers (or, hey, maybe you’re guilty of doing this yourself), now is the time to get them the gift they really need: a proper camping pillow. This option, from Wise Owl, checks all the boxes: It’s small enough that there is no issue finding a spot for when packing up the car. It’s got a soft, textured side that will be comfortable to the touch, even when cold. The pillow case can be removed, so that you can wash it when you get home again. And best of all? It won’t unfold in the middle of the night, ensuring you an even better night’s sleep. While not quite as comfortable as options that are full memory foam (this one is 25 percent), I found it significantly more comfortable than air-only options.

GearLight Camping Lantern



Key Features


Height: 8.5 inches

Comes with six AAA batteries (3 per lantern)

Best for People Who Enjoy: Camping

Price: $33

Whether you are trying to stock your emergency kit or illuminate a campground, the GearLight camping lantern is what you need. While it doesn’t create as warm a light as more expensive options, what it is is bright, easily lighting up a room or tent. While this option comes with batteries so that you can recharge it (an improvement over other similar options I’ve seen), keep in mind that you’ll need three AAAs: there is no option to recharge this one with a USB-C.

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