Emergency Striped Bass Regulations Enacted

The new regulations set up a slot limit of 28 to 31 inches for striped bass along the Atlantic coastline.
Joe Albanese

States have until July 2, 2023 to implement tighter striped bass bag limits. At the May 2, 2023 Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission meeting an emergency measure that would prohibit the harvest of striped bass over 31 inches in length by recreational anglers was passed.

Overwhelming Passage of New Regulations

The motion was brought forth by Deputy Director of the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries, Dr. Michael Armstrong, and seconded by David V.D. Borden of Rhode Island. After the votes were tallied, the measure was approved 15 to 1, with the sole nay coming from representatives of New Jersey. The motion exempts the Chesapeake Bay trophy fishery.

The decision gives states less than a month to enact new regulations that would effectively make the striped bass slot size 28 to 31 inches, though the official motion states that they should be put in place “as soon as possible.” Once enacted, the regulation is to extend for 180 days. It may be extended for another 180 days if such an extension is approved at the October ASMFC meeting.

More to Come

We have reached out to a number of state agencies on the Northeast, but none have any plans on how or when they will implement the new regulations as of yet. We will update this article as more information becomes available.

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