Cyber Monday Deals on Solar Generators

Laura Lancaster

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If you’ve been putting off updating your emergency kit or adventure rig with a best-in-class solar generator, you’re in luck: there are some major Cyber Monday deals on solar generators where you can save hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars.

Measuring the power potential of some of the best solar generators. Laura Lancaster

I’ve been testing the best solar generators for over a year, and rounded the best deals on the models and brands that I trust based on my testing here.

Cyber Monday Deals on Solar Generators

Solar Generators

At it’s core, a solar generator is more than just a best-in-class power station. It’s a system designed to extract and store enough power from the sun to power your essentials. For that, you’ll need both a power station and several high-end solar panels. Here are my top picks from a number of Cyber Monday deals on solar generators.


Solar Generator 4000 is 32% off

$1600 savings

Solar Generator 3000 PRO is 38% off

$1500 savings

Solar Generator 2000 PRO is 44% off

2000 Plus Solar Generator is 30% off

Solar Generator 1000 is 45% off

1000 Plus Solar Generator is 30% off


SOLIX F2000 Solar Generator is 33% off

SOLIX F1200 Solar Generator is 38% off

SOLIX C1000 is 42% off


Delta 2 Max Solar Generator is 33% off

$1000 savings

Delta 2 Solar Generator is 45% off

River 2 Pro Solar Generator is 30% off

Bass Pro Shops is having a huge EcoFlow sale


AC200MAX (2048Wh) with 350W solar panel is 32% off

AC180 (1152 Wh) with 200W solar panel is 44% off

AC2A (204Wh) with 120W solar panel is 33% off

Power Stations

If you only anticipate being off-grid for a few hours, a day at most, then what you want is a great power station. Here are several models from top brands at a variety of power levels to fit your needs. If you’re planning to run a larger appliance, such as a refrigerator, check the voltage and startup power needs of your unit versus the power station you are considering to ensure compatibility. (Also check out our review of best power banks for camping here.)


Explorer 2000 PRO is 37% off

Explorer 1500 PRO is 47% off

Explorer 700 Plus is 50% off SOLD OUT


SOLIX F2000 is 30% off

SOLIX F1200 is 50% off

Goal Zero

Yeti 6000X is 30% off

$1500 savings

Yeti 3000X is 30% off

Yeti 200X is 42% off


3600WH Delta Pro is 33% off

Delta 2 is 35% off

River 2 Pro is 33% off

River is 43% off

Delta Max 1600 is 44% off


AC200MAX 2048Wh is 40% off

AC180 1152Wh is 35% off

AC70 768Wh is 31% off

EB3A 268Wh is 34% off

AC2A 204Wh is 35% off

Solar Panels

If you already have a power station, it might be time to add some solar panels to your units. While generally it’s best to purchase solar panels from the same manufacturer as your power station, you can sometimes mix and match. Check our my story on the best solar generators to learn more.


SolarSaga 200W is 30% off


625 Solar Panel is 30% off


EF 400W Solar Panel is 42% off

EF 220W Solar Panel is 36% off

EF 110W Solar Panel is 43% off


SP120 120W Solar Panel is 65% off

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