Church Of MO: Honda VTR1000F Super Hawk

Remember when Honda built a 1000cc V-Twin and put it in something sporty to go against Ducati and the 916? Then do you remember how Honda only half-committed to building a Ducati beater and the bike really wasn’t a match for the 916 at all? If you do, then you remember the VTR1000F Super Hawk, also lovingly known as the Super Chicken. Before Honda got serious and built the RC51 (or the RVT1000R or VTR1000 SP1 in other parts of the world), it built this.

The Super Hawk had some similarities with the RC, like the V-Twin engine and side-mount radiators, but when it came to the performance metrics that really matter, the Super Hawk was no match for its Italian rival. Still, for those folks who like the thought of a more comfortable RC51-esque Honda V-Twin from the late 90s, the Super Hawks are fun bikes that can be found for cheap these days. Here’s our review of the bike from its introduction in 1998.

Honda VTR1000F Super Hawk

Big Red Introduces Their Sporting V-Twin to America

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