An American Made Pocket Knife on Sale for $52

Scott Einsmann

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It’s tough to find USA-made pocket knives under $100, but the Kershaw Leek is consistently priced well under that mark. It’s on sale right now for $48 to $52 depending on the model.

Kershaw Leek in olive on sale for $48

Kershaw Leek on sale for $52

I’m currently testing the Leek in a head-to-head test of over 30 EDC knives. It’s been impressive in ergonomics and cutting performance so far and it’s an easy knife to recommend to anyone who wants an American-built knife on a budget. The only complaint I have is that it’s an assisted opening knife, which is an outdated deployment method in a time when we have great flipper actions on knives under $50 (the CJRB Crag for example).

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