Amazon 2023 Prime Big Deal Days: Costa Caleta Sunglasses

Ashley Thess

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The best overall winners of our test of the best hiking sunglasses are 24 percent off for Amazon’s 2023 Prime Big Deal Days sale. The Costa Caleta’s passed our extensive durability test, are made of recycled materials, and offered the best true color perception. And now you can get them for less.

Costa Caleta

Key Features

Lens: Gray polarized glass

Weight: 45 g

Frames are 97 to 100 percent recycled fishing nets

C-Wall coating provides extra scratch-resistance and repels water, oil, and sweat 

Absorbs high-energy blue light (HEV)

Enhances reds, greens, and blues

Filters out harsh yellow

Durability Test: Pass

Price: $209


Glass lenses

Available in prescription

Sustainably made

True color perception



Warranty only covers manufacturer defects, and you pay shipping

Delicate arch viewed without sunglasses. Ashley Thess

Delicate arch viewed through Caleta lens. Ashley Thess

As soon as I put on the Costa Caleta, I was blown away by the crisp, quality image. There was no distortion and the true colors of the landscape came through while still shading my eyes. The frame is wide with a medium fit, and fits my medium square face well. While they do feel heavier than other pairs thanks to the glass lenses, once adjusted properly the weight benefits the snug fit by resting on the nose bridge naturally. If you tend to look down at the trail most of your hike, these won’t fall off, but you could notice the weight more. During the durability testing these sustained four 1mm scratches and one 2 mm scratch on one lens. While wearing the Caleta, these scratches feel insignificant and my eyes easily adjust to not notice them.

Costa’s Untangled collection, including the Caleta, is also sustainable thanks to the recycled fishing nets that make up the frame. It has a slightly coarser feeling to it than typical plastic, but it’s better for the planet and doesn’t catch in my hair or irritate my skin even when sweating. When working up a sweat in chilly 40 degree temps, I didn’t experience any fogging. While scrambling up a few rocks, these sunglasses did not slide or fall, though after an extended period of time I felt some pressure on my temples. The UV protection, color enhancement, and blue light filtering make these the overall best hiking sunglasses. I’d especially recommend the Caleta for day hikes in gorgeous places where you want to take in the views with clear lenses and sturdy frames.

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