2025 Buell Super Cruiser Unveiled

In 2021, Buell claimed it would have 10 new models by 2024. While that seems highly unlikely as of today, we now have our first look at the latest offering from the American manufacturer, which was brought to life by none other than Roland Sands Design. The Buell Super Cruiser concept unveiled to the media in Long Beach, CA on February 10, combines existing Buell componentry, including the 1190SX’s motor, into an entirely bespoke chassis developed by RSD. Cruiser faithful will likely recognize the FXR-esque silhouette of the Super Cruiser, but the performance should surpass anything seen yet. Of course this is only a concept model, so when the Super Cruiser hits the production line, we’ll have a better idea of what to expect. 

It only took one sketch from Roland to Buell CEO, Bill Melvin, before Melvin said, “Build that one.” Explaining the build parameters, Sands recalls, “Bill said use all the Buell components you can because we have them.” “And the performance is kick ass,” interjected Melvin. Buell items used include the motor, swingarm, suspension, fork, perimeter brakes, wheels, handlebar controls, master cylinders, and electronics package (though these had not currently been tuned to work with the concept bike).

When the RSD team approached this build, they purposefully set out to use production-spec materials – versus the ultra lightweight components seen on many RSD builds – to get the bike as close to what one could expect from production as possible. When Melvin approached Roland to be involved in the actual production of the bike, Sands declined, noting that customs and concept builds were more of his thing.

Sands and Melvin told us the bike weighs only 450 pounds wet, and the motor produces 180 horsepower. These numbers are certainly enticing, but one must expect the weight will increase in production trim. While the engine has existed for some time, Roland mentioned the Super Cruiser had not yet been on the dyno. Of course, there’s no denying that cramming an engine like that into a “club bike” chassis is going to make for one spicy sausage.

Love it or hate it, the bespoke radiator is a masterfully crafted piece of fabrication. Melvin confirmed, to Roland’s surprise, that this would be making it into production, whether or not it will be left as raw aluminum or painted, is yet to be confirmed.

We’re told to expect the Super Cruiser for the 2025 model year and pricing is yet to be fleshed out. A limited production will happen first then, hopefully, move into larger production numbers.  Pre-order (with a small deposit) is open now.

Begin Press Release: 

New Buell Super Cruiser is a Roland Sands Design Collaboration

Grand Rapids, MI, February 10, 2023 – Buell Motorcycle announced this week that a new Super Cruiser designed by Roland Sands of Roland Sands Design, Long Beach, CA, is in development for 2025, bringing two iconic brands together to create a one-of-a-kind motorcycle with a West Coast attitude. 

“Building a cruiser was something we always contemplated,” said Bill Melvin, CEO of Buell Motorcycle Co. “The market is full of American manufacturers known mostly for big, heavy bikes – not fast, hot ones like the famous V-twins of the 30s. Our Buell Super Cruiser will be the hottest bike on the market. Period.”

Roland Sands & Roland Sands Design will bring the heat. Champion motorcycle racer turned custom bike builder, Sands is considered the King of Cool in styling cruisers, café racers, and many top brands’ iconic built bikes. 

“When Bill first approached us about building a high-performance cruiser using the Buell motor, it was as if the bike designed itself,” said Roland Sands. “Considering the history of Buell and the market’s need for a truly high-performance cruiser, and the build quality of the existing Buell chassis parts, motor, and rolling kit, the project was a natural fit.” 

The Super Cruiser will take advantage of Buell’s unique high-performance V-twin engine and innovative perimeter braking system and structural swingarm, delivering a bike with exceptional handling in a non-sport bike format. 

“The design lends itself to the West coast scene where customization is part of bike culture,” said Melvin. “And Roland was enthusiastic about incorporating Buell technology into that culture, creating the fastest, coolest cruiser on the market.” 

“I’ve been working on projects like this for 20-plus years, and this is the first time we’ve been able to build a performance cruiser without the typical V-twin performance compromises of weight and motor width and length,” said Sands. 

At 450 lbs. and 175 hp, Sands’ chassis geometry delivers road-friendly handling that’s ready for the track. Using much of the standard Buell rolling kit, Sands engineered his chassis design to work with the swingarm, forks, original 17″ wheels, and brake system. “Ground clearance, bar position, and comfortable seating and foot positions are key to getting the cruiser look with sport bike handling,” said Sands. 

The Super Cruiser solidifies that Buell is Back and building more than sport bikes. Out of the gate, this cruiser will lead performance in the category. It’s light, nimble, and high torque, incorporating all the main points that connect the rider to the ground, and it’s cracking open another part of the market – a younger crowd craving speed and performance in a cruiser. 

Buell previewed the Super Cruiser’s proof of concept at a Private VIP Reveal Party at Roland Sands Design shop in Long Beach, CA on February 10. 

About its potential, Sands is confident. “With correct geometry and an attitude to match? Yeah, that’s the business right there,” he said.

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