2023 Honda XR150L, CRF300LS and Navi Announced for US

American Honda officially announced the XR150L dual-sport for the U.S., alongside the returning Navi and an expanded CRF300L lineup that now includes a new low-seat height variant.

We’ve known the XR150L and the low-seat CRF300LS were on the way, after the two dual sports were included on a list of motorcycles certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Both models add to Honda’s burgeoning small-displacement on- and off-road models, alongside the CRF300L and CRF300L Rally. Together with its miniMOTO lineup, which includes the Navi, Honda now offers nine street-legal motorcycles with engines displacing less than 286cc.

2023 Honda XR150L

We’ve already discussed the XR150L when it was announced by Honda Canada, so by now we are well versed on what to expect. The XR150L was previously offered in markets like Asia, as well as Australia and New Zealand where it was presented as an agricultural model.

For the U.S., Honda positions the XR150L as an entry-level dual sport, or as a secondary bike for more experienced riders, camping, or around-town transportation. With an MSRP of $2,971, the XR150L offers pretty good value for these purposes, coming in significantly more affordable than the likes of a Yamaha TW200, or a Kawasaki KLX230 (albeit with a less powerful engine.)

Powering the XR150L is a 149cc OHC air-cooled carbureted Single, with a five-speed transmission. Unlike the models offered in other continents, the U.S. and Canadian models lose the option of a kick starter, employing just electric start.

The suspension is comprised of a 31mm telescopic fork with 7.1 inches of travel for the front wheel, and a linkage-less monoshock offering 5.9 inches of rear wheel travel. Honda lists 9.6 inches of ground clearance. The 19-inch front wheel is paired with a single brake caliper with a 240mm disc, while the 17-inch rear wheel is equipped with a 110mm drum brake.

Reflecting its utilitarian roots, the XR150L comes with an integrated luggage rack, with several of Honda’s supplied photos showing the bike carrying small items, and some showing side cases strapped around the pillion seat.

Beyond the price, inexperienced riders will likely appreciate the 32.8-inch seat height, and a 282 pound claimed wet weight. Strangely, American Honda says the XR150L has a 2.8-gallon fuel tank, while Honda Canada and other markets cite a capacity of 3.2 gallons (12 liters).

The 2023 Honda XR150L will be available in U.S. showrooms in April, in either black or white.

2023 Honda CRF300LS

2023 Honda CRF300LS

The CRF300LS is essentially identical to the CRF300L, but with lower-travel suspension and a lower seat height, making it a bit more accessible for shorter riders.

The 43mm telescopic inverted fork offers 9.3 inches of travel, while the Pro-Link rear suspension offers 9.0 inches of travel, compared to the full-height CRF300L which has 10.2 inches of travel front and rear. With the 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels remaining the same size, the CRF300LS offers a slightly shorter wheelbase of 56.7 inches compared to 57.2 inches.

2023 Honda CRF300LS

The LS’ seat height drops from 34.7 inches to 32.7 inches, but you do sacrifice a bit of ground clearance at 9.6 inches compared to 11.2 inches for the full height models.

The larger CRF300L is available with or without ABS, but it comes standard on all CRF300LS models.

The 2023 Honda CRF300LS will be offered in Swift Gray, and it will land in dealerships in May with a $5,699 price tag. The returning CRF300L ABS also comes in at that price, and $5,399 without ABS. Both full-height models will come in red, arriving in showrooms in April. The CRF300L Rally is also returning for 2023, arriving in April in red, priced at $6,149, and $6,449 with ABS.

2023 Honda Navi

Introduced to the U.S. just last year, the Honda Navi returns with the same four color options: Grasshopper Green, Nut Brown, Ranger Green, and Red. The $1,807 MSRP is also unchanged, with the low price a big reason it has become Honda’s top-selling streetbike in the U.S.

Like the XR150L, the Honda Navi is manufactured in El Salto, a town just outside Guadalajara, Mexico.

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